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About 1939

1939 is an historical espionage thriller, based at the start of the Second World War.


Christopher Finch is the son of a wealthy American diplomat and a British journalist who live in London. The events that unfurl during the next five years, from his spying for Winston Churchill – the British war-time Prime Minister – to escaping the closing claws of the Nazi empire, forms and shapes the talented Mr. Finch.

What was the secret Christopher’s Grandfather was going to tell him? How much did the Indian Princess know about his spying for Winston Churchill, and could he trust the quiet boy from Czechoslovakia?

Christopher Finch is not alone in his adventures, he is joined by a group of young adults from other wealthy and powerful families who have been evacuated from London to Christopher’s parent’s estate. Together they form a close group of comrades, each with their own lives affected by the war clouds that are covering Europe.

The first episode, 1939 – the Phantom Zeppelin, sees Christopher Finch spying for Winston Churchill who at that time is exiled from the British political arena for being a war monger. Christopher’s eccentric grandfather, an ex-soldier in the British Colonial army, tells him stories of his adventures in Africa and the Middle East, and inadvertently sets Christopher on a path that will change him forever.

1939 is about a group of young adults who, being inconspicuous, use their position to help gather information for the Allies. They are Churchill’s Children.

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